Cleanse Success Stories


Peak Performance Cleanse Success Stories

“I started feeling the positive effects from the cleanse almost immediately; skin cleared up, eyes brighter and no circles, more energy, lost 1 pound a day (lost 13 pounds total), felt “cleaner”. I ate SO MUCH healthier and exercised more. Wanted to keep it up when cleanse ended! You could actually see/feel the effects”.


Matt“I decided that it was time to address the extra weight that I was carrying. I chose to undergo the 12-Day Cleanse. The results, which include a 17 pound weight loss and a 69 point reduction in my total cholesterol, came as a result of strict adherence to Dr. A’s program. The discipline that I adopted during the 12- Day Cleanse has carried over and I have been eating in a smart way since. I have also returned to regular workouts featuring target heart rate cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting.”


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