Cleanse Instructions

Peak Performance Organic Cleanse

Read this carefully before starting your Cleanse. Make sure you have attended the Cleanse Workshop at Peak Performance prior to starting the cleanse. If, after you have attended the workshop and read this, you still have any questions or confusion, please call us at (312) 440 – 9646 or (Wells St. Location) or (773) 631 – 1110 or (Touhy Ave. location)

The Peak Performance Organic Cleanse is designed to remove accumulated, health damaging, toxic substances you encounter everyday in our food, water and environment. This Cleanse uses high quality and high potency organic herbs and nutrients to flush out those toxins from your liver, colon and fat stores to restore your organs, your metabolism and overall health back to improved function. We have used this Cleanse for many years and have hundreds of success stories. So, if you want to be another Peak Performance Cleanse success story, follow the program exactly as outlined.


1. Green Dragon Meal Replacement Drink: (purchase 17oz for 5-Day Cleanse and 32oz for 12-Day)
Put the following in a blender and mix until smooth. Drink immediately.

  1. Peak Performance Total Nutrition – 2 level tablespoons
  2. Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 (purchase 32oz at Whole Foods) – 2 tablespoons
  3. ½ organic banana or ½ cup frozen organic berries
  4. 8 oz of organic apple juice or water or a combination or both

2. Liver Cleanse Formula (Concentrated liquid herbal extract)

  • Squeeze the dropper rubber end once, the clear glass tube will fill up about half way.
  • Mix 6 (half-full) tubes into 2 ounces of water.
  • Drink down quickly.
  • NOTE: This may not taste very good. These powerful concentrated liver cleansing herbs tend to be bitter tasting.
  • Many patients of ours have told us they like to use their Green Dragon as a “chaser” after drinking this bitter herb extract mixture.

3. Intestinal Cleanse (Capsules):

  • The day before you start the Cleanse take the Intestinal Cleanse Capsule with your dinner meal the day before you start the Cleanse. On day 1 you should have 1-3 bowel movements. If you do, just continue taking one capsule with each dinner meal/Green Dragon. If you do not have at least one bowel movement, increase the number of Intestinal Cleanse tablets, gradually increasing one at a time, until you have at least 1, and at best, 2 to 3 bowel movements a day.
  • It is OK to have loose bowel movements or diarrhea that is not uncomfortable. If you have uncomfortable cramping diarrhea then decrease the amount of Intestinal Cleanse capsules. If even 1 capsule is too much, you can open a capsule and discard half of the contents and just take half. You can also skip a day of taking the Intestinal Cleanse capsules if necessary and reintroduce ½ capsule to resume taking it. If the diarrhea still continues, contact our office for more detailed instructions for your specific situation.
  • NOTE: When you have an urge to have a bowel movement, don’t wait. Go when you first feel the urge. Do not put it off. The Cleanse will cause, at times, an urgency to move one’s bowels.

Protocol and Schedule:

1. Breakfast
• Have the Green Dragon meal replacement drink.
2. Liver Cleanse Formula Extract
• Take herbal extract and water mix at the same time as the Green Dragon Drink. Taking the herbal extract in water first, and then using the Green Dragon as a “chaser” works well. Do not put the herbal extract in the Green Dragon, for it will ruin the taste of the Green Dragon.
3. Morning Snack
• Fruit, vegetable or vegetable juice. (see list of options on back table)
4. Lunch
• Have protein and large raw salad meal:
• Large Salad: 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar (no
avocados, nuts or seeds)
• Protein: 4 ounces of lean protein – chicken, turkey, fish; (vegetarian option: tofu, lentils or hummus) NOTE: With the Green Dragon powder, you will be getting at least 12 grams of protein per day and more with the variety of vegetables you are eating.
5. Afternoon Snack
• See Table
6. Dinner:
• Green Dragon Drink.
7. Liver Cleanse Formula Extract:
• Taken with the ‘dinner’ meal to induce 1-3 bowel movements a day.
8. Intestinal Cleanse capsules:
• Taken with the “dinner” meal to induce 2-3 bowel movements a day
9. Evening Snacks:
• Fruit, vegetable or vegetable juice
10. Chew your food:
• Between bites, put down your fork and chew your food a minimum of 20 times before swallowing.
11. Water: 32 ounces per day. You can squeeze organic lemon or lime juice into your water.


  • If you are going out for dinner, you can have the Green Dragon Drink for breakfast and lunch.
  • If you do not like the taste of the Green Dragon, try adding frozen or fresh berries.
  • Use vegetable juice instead of water and apple juice in Green Dragon (for example: carrot, apple, celery, kale).
  • Use Udo’s Oil, vinegar and seasoning herbs for salad dressing.

Other Considerations:

  • Exercise: Exercise daily 30 minutes per day to break a sweat, but not to fatigue. If 30 minutes of exercise is a lot for you, then work up to it. Just get your circulation moving and perspire.
  • Sleep: Get a minimum of 7 hours a day. Best if you can get 8 hours. Your body is healing.
  • Body Scrub Routine: If your skin “breaks-out”, that is actually a good sign. This means the Cleanse has mobilized toxins and they are coming out. To help the cleansing process and minimize or avoid undesirable blemishes, do the Body Scrub routine. (included).

Cleansing food table

After Cleanse (Important)

  • Your first day after the cleanse, do not binge on all the “not allowed foods”. Add more foods as you like, but do it gradually so as to not shock your digestive track.
  • Watch how you respond to some of these “not allowed” foods. You may notice more obvious signs of your body not tolerating them well. Listen to your body.
  • If you liked the Green Dragon and would like to have it as a meal replacement, that is a great idea for getting a powerful collection of nutrients and ideal weight-maintaining effects. The Green Dragon drink is a great way to eat healthy while you are on the go with a busy lifestyle.
  • You may have Intestinal Cleanse tablets left over as well. Use these any time, WITH YOUR DINNER MEAL, to stimulate bowel movements. If you are healthy you should have one or two bowel movements each day. If you ever do not have a bowel movement in a day, then take intestinal cleanse tablet(s) with dinner that night. Remember, never take them on an empty stomach.
  • You may benefit from getting tested for food sensitivities if you find you experience some symptoms returning as you reintroduce certain foods. We do food sensitivity testing at Peak Performance Health Care.

For best weight management and health benefits after your Cleanse:

  1. Have one Green Dragon a day as a meal replacement.
  2. Eat a large salad, large portions of side vegetables beans and lentils with both lunch and dinner. Fill up on the salad, vegetables, beans and healthy soups first. Then you can eat your protein and carbohydrate.
  3. Minimize sugar and simple carbohydrates.
  4. Continue to avoid or minimize fried foods, processed foods and dairy foods.
  5. One day a week eat whatever you want!
  6. Exercise! This is vital to keep the weight off and maintain good health in general.
  7. Get a performance check-up at our center to make sure you are ready to exercise intensely without injury and you are doing the correct exercises for your health goals.
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