Physical Medicine Treatment Provides Whiplash Cure For Eileen

“I came to Peak Performance after I was in a car accident that gave me whiplash.  The right side of my neck became sore and caused headaches.  The pain made it difficult working and sleeping.  I never considered treatment because I thought my minor aches and pains were just typical of a desk job.

I was concerned that my pains wouldn’t respond to chiropractic care the way they would had I seen my medical doctor.  I’m now glad I was able to deal with my injury without medication.  I was worried both about the time commitment and the cost.  However, the after-work time has fit into my schedule easily and the insurance from the car accident is paying for the care.

Since starting at Peak Performance Health Care I can tell that my posture has improved.  I am more aware of my head position and I sleep more soundly and wake up with less soreness. I can work at my computer more comfortably and no longer get headaches at work.

The staff is very caring and dedicated and works closely with each patient to develop an appropriate and effective treatment plan.  My care here has improved my injury and increased my overall health.”

-Eileen Kelly

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For Your Health,

Dr. Arculeo and the Peak Performance team

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