Peak Performance Help Relieve Rhonda’s Allergy Problems

“I came to Peak Performance suffering from sinus and allergy problems since I was a little girl.   I would have at least one sinus infection a season. I also had severe sinus headaches.

I have spent a lot of money and time on sinus over the counter and prescription medicine.  I was taking medicine in the morning and night and sometimes during the day 365 days a year.  When I was taking the medicine I felt drowsy but I would still catch colds and sinus infections.  I felt tired a lot and I couldn’t breathe or smell.  I was told it might be heredity and I would have to live with this forever.  I have seen a lot of doctors at a lot of hospitals.

Since therapy at Peak Performance I stopped taking all medicine.  I can sleep, hear, and breathe better.  I use to live for my medicine and would never go a day without it.  Now I don’t take it and I feel wonderful!  I would recommend Peak to anyone suffering from allergies and sinus problems.  It really works and I am living proof.

The doctors and all the other staff is wonderful and nice.  They are always warm and smiling. God bless you all.  Helping people to be healthy through good diet, exercise, and chiropractic treatment is great.”


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For Your Health,

Dr. Arculeo and the Peak Performance team

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