Lawrence Became A Champion, Thanks To Treeatment At Peak Performance

Lawrence Dunning“I came to Peak Performance suffering from severe migraines and pain all the way down my spine.  My athletic performance was adversely affected as was my morale in general. As an amateur boxer every training session was painful.  I did not seek any help until I started care at Peak Performance.

Since I started care the results were almost immediate.  The migraines stopped and I broke through new levels in athletic performance in amateur boxing.  My back pain was nearly non-existent; my speed, strength and power were all markedly improved with the proper energy flow through my newly aligned spine.  A year later I went 4-0 in the Chicago Golden Gloves and won my division.

I would recommend Peak performance to anyone looking to maximize their potential either in athletic endeavors or in life in general.

After seeing the benefit of Chiropractic and after much research into Chiropractic education I plan to enter into Chiropractic school, after my career as a Derivatives Trader.  I look forward to helping people as much as Dr. Arculeo has helped me.”

-Lawrence Dunning

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For Your Health,

Dr. Arculeo and the Peak Performance team

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