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Chiropractic Care Helps Improves Joel’s Athletic Performance

"I was in the process of training for a marathon when I came to Peak Performance suffering from hip, knee and low back pain.  The pain and discomfort plagued me, prohibiting me from engaging in  any type of exercise. I could walk , but could no longer run. I have had tremendous success since ...


Greg’s Ankle and Foot Pain Eradicated Thanks To Peak Performance


"I came to Peak Performance Health Care suffering from three years of ankle and foot pain.  My foot got so bad that it was painful just to touch and sometimes when standing it felt like it was going to break.  Eventually it continued to get worse and I started limping due ...




    "I did the Food allergy test to determine why I had digestive problems. I had no energy, always felt bloated and uncomfortable. What a difference! It was  easy and quick. I feel so much better. My stomach isn't pooched-out and bloated all the time. No more nausea or heartburn.  I’ve got much more energy, I’m ...


Toyia No Longer Has To Take Pain Medication, Thanks To Our Physical Medicine Methods!


"I came to Peak Performance suffering from severe lower back pain. Within two weeks I was diagnosed with a herniated disc on the right.  I was unable to walk the first three days. I saw my general practitioner and they recommended I see a foot and back specialist, immediate prescription of pain ...


Combined Treatment Provides Relief for Bill

  I suffered with low back pain and pain down my leg. I took some anti-inflammatory pills to alleviate the pain and it did not work. The pain continued to get worse and I was incapable of physical activity. My doctors couldn’t see the cause of my problem. I never thought physical therapy ...


Ryan Finds Relief

  My sciatica started after high school, at first I thought it was related to being overweight, however, after losing weight it was still there. I had been to other doctors & chiropractors and got short term relief, but nothing helped until I came to Peak Performance. With Physical therapy, trigger point and sacroiliac joint injections, I ...