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Lawrence Became A Champion, Thanks To Treeatment At Peak Performance

Lawrence Dunning

"I came to Peak Performance suffering from severe migraines and pain all the way down my spine.  My athletic performance was adversely affected as was my morale in general. As an amateur boxer every training session was painful.  I did not seek any help until I started care at Peak Performance. Since ...


Physical Therapy Has Changed April’s Life


"I came to Peak Performance suffering from constant headaches that started when I was only four years old, migraines that started in the last year and back pain.  The migraines felt like my head was constantly expanding and spinning causing  me to throw up.  I would often have to lie down ...


John’s Care At Peak Performance Proved More Effective Then Surgery


"I had injured my back two years ago and had to have a discectomy (a surgical procedure in which the central portion of the disc is removed).  I went through a battery of Physical Therapy after the surgery and eventually felt better.  Fourteen months ago, the pain returned.  As time passed ...


Physical Medicine Treatment Provides Whiplash Cure For Eileen

"I came to Peak Performance after I was in a car accident that gave me whiplash.  The right side of my neck became sore and caused headaches.  The pain made it difficult working and sleeping.  I never considered treatment because I thought my minor aches and pains were just typical of ...


Holly Gets Her Body Tuned Up At Peak Performance!

"For the past 3 years, I had been tired, sore, and tense in my neck, shoulders and lower back.  I constantly felt achy and less energetic than I should be, and I always felt like I needed a massage.  I also had been getting scary heart palpitations.  My primary care physician told ...


Peak Performance Help Relieve Rhonda’s Allergy Problems

"I came to Peak Performance suffering from sinus and allergy problems since I was a little girl.   I would have at least one sinus infection a season. I also had severe sinus headaches. I have spent a lot of money and time on sinus over the counter and prescription medicine.  I was taking ...