Meet the Team

Clinical Staff Bios

Dr. Ron Stumbris, MD

Dr. Ron Stumbris, MD

  • Medical Director – Doctor of Medicine
  • Loyola University Medical Center
  • Advanced study in nutrition and wellness methods

Dr. Steve Arculeo

Dr. Steve Arculeo, DC

  • Clinic Director – Chiropractic Physician
  • National University of Health Sciences
  • Illinois ranked competitive tennis player & Kitesurfer

Dr. Kamal Vaid

Dr. Kamal Vaid, DC

  • Director of Clinical Operations – Chiropractic Physician
  • National University of Health Sciences
  • Regenerative/ Preventative Medicine

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A native Chicagoan, Dr. Kamal Vaid, D.C., proudly serves as the Director of Clinical Operations and as the senior treating Chiropractic Physician at Peak Performance Health Care, located in the heart of Old Town in Chicago. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Community Health & Wellness and Physiology from Northeastern Illinois University, Dr. Vaid went on to receive his Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree from National University of Health Sciences.

While studying medicine along with a concentration in Functional Neurology, Dr. Vaid developed a passion for research & education in the fields of Regenerative Medicine & Therapy along with Functional Medicine. In addition to Dr. Vaid’s degree, he also holds a certification in Functional & Performance RockTape therapeutic technique and has training in Functional Rehabilitation with an emphasis in pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. Dr. Vaid is an on-going student of medicine and will be completing an advanced certification in Strength & Conditioning along with a diplomate in Functional Medicine, in the near future. Dr. Vaid’s passion for patient care in an integrated whole health approach is noticeable. He believes in lifelong learning in order to meet the high standards of his patients needs and has a specific interest in neurology and autoimmune conditions.

Outside of serving his patients, Dr. Vaid’s interests include freelance photography, reading, sparring, exercising & running, collecting vintage antiques, playing the guitar and watching movies. Dr. Vaid used to run track & field and is an avid competitor when it comes to football, soccer and cross training.

Dr. Vaid hopes to spread the word of this powerful form of healthcare. The St. Francis of Assisi quote embodies Dr. Vaid’s passion for his patient’s lifelong well-being, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Clifton Howard

Clifton Howard, PA-C

  • Medical Specialist – Physician Assistant
  • Exercise Physiology – UIC
  • Paramedic & EMT
  • Malcolm X College

Cliff spent 9 years in the University of Illinois Chicago department of kinesiology as an exercise science specialist. He also spent another 9 years as an exercise science technologist at the UIC Human Performance Lab. He fitness-tested a range of patients from senior medical patients to triathletes, marathoners, and other elite athletes including the Chicago Blackhawks.

Cliff is also an EMT, paramedic and rehab specialist.

Cliff has always been interested and involved with fitness and health care. He bikes over 15 miles a day in his commute to and from work. He also enjoys organic gardening, gourmet cooking and classical music.

Faith Urbanik

Faith Urbanik

  • Rehabilitation Aide

After competing in track and field and volleyball for years, Faith met, and was inspired, by the well-known leader of Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association. She soon found herself teaching and coaching disabled athletes at this association.

Faith continued her interest in healthcare as an assistant instructor at DePaul University in the Anatomy and Physiology department. She is targeted to become an Occupational Therapist soon.

As a Rehab Aide/ Specialist here at Peak Performance, Faith helps patients with progressive rehabilitation to achieve and maintain proper alignment and stability.

Faith’s interests include playing piano, watching Spanish cinema, hiking outdoors, and spending quality time with loved ones.

Stephanie Alleman

Stephanie Alleman

  • Patient & Account Manager

Stephanie has had a long history in natural health care. She is certified in Massage Therapy and is also a certified Reiki practitioner.

With this, she understands the important elements of healing and creating a healing environment for our patients.

Stephanie enjoys hiking, bicycling, yoga, reading, art, music and healthy cooking.

Bella Torres

Bella Torres

  • Patient Manager

With a long history in front desk management and a background in psychology, Bella coordinates our patients schedules and our clinical team to get the best results possible.

Bella first developed a strong interest in health care with her 4 children; guiding them to improved health through fitness and wellness methods.

Besides being a great leader at the front desk and as a super-mom, Bella enjoys music and running by the lake.

Karen Hill

Karen Hill

  • Marketing Director
  • Outreach Coordinator

As someone who has “never met a stranger”, Karen, at her core, wants to help others, specifically help others get well and stay well with natural health care here at Peak Performance.

Karen has helped thousands of patients find their way to our center and get the care they need. Every patient has their unique situation and their unique needs. Karen, often the first person our patients talk to, understands this and cares enough to help insure everything goes right.

Karen also enjoys jazz music, volunteer work and she is known for growing some of the best organic vegetables in the Midwest!