Sciatica & Leg Pain

Chicago IL sciatica, sciatica Chicago IL, Chicago IL sciatica treatmentSciatica: refers to the inflammation of the sciatic nerve and pain that radiates into the buttocks and or down the back of the legs. The pain can be excruciatingly piercing or stabbing.

Cause: Even though the pain is generally in the legs, the root of the problem is usually compression of the nerve root where it exits the spine in the low back. This compression is due to the low back vertebrae or sacroiliac joints (the joint where the hip meets the spine) being jammed out of alignment. Other causes are disc bulging & spasm of the piriformis muscle.

Solution: Do not neglect sciatica – it is a nerve condition and can lead to permanent damage if left untreated. Get a multi-specialist examination. The only way to get effective long term results with sciatica is to find out what is the cause of compression of the sciatic nerve; spinal misalignment, muscle problems or the sacroiliac joint misalignment. Like the old question “if you step on a dog’s tail and he barks, where is the problem; at his tail or at his bark?” There may be pain in the leg but the problem starts at the pinched nerve! What makes our center unique and very effective with sciatica, is that we have a multi-specialty team able to address all of the anatomy involved. Our medical, rehab and chiropractic staff will examine you and then have a clinical team meeting to arrive with a diagnosis and the best treatment plan – addressing the unique cause of your problem. Then you can get on the fast track out of pain and to your Peak Performance!

“For Sciatica, bed rest and medications have proven to be ineffective”
– New England Medical Journal

RyanSciatica Success Story:

“My sciatica started after high school, at first I thought it was related to being overweight, however, after losing weight it was still there. I had been to other doctors & chiropractors and got short term relief, but nothing helped until I came to Peak Performance.

With Physical therapy, trigger point and sacroiliac joint injections, I started to feel a lot better. I can now walk and exercise with little or no pain and sit for long periods of time (which I could not do before).

Without the treatments at Peak Performance, I don’t know how I could have gone on with the sciatica. I am so thankful to have reached my goal of living pain free.”

– Ryan