Muscular Problems

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A Trigger Point is an inflamed area in the muscle that feels like a knot or a tight band of muscles. It can feel tender to deep pressure. Trigger points are highly common as you have probably felt them on yourself or someone else, but they are not normal.

Trigger points are caused by spinal, postural & muscle imbalance. If the spine and posture is out of alignment, it will produce chronic strain on muscles and scar tissue will form. This focal area of scar tissue is called a “trigger point”. They can also be caused from trauma, fibromyalgia and other conditions.

Excess stress and tension that is not eliminated from the body is stored in your trigger points & surrounding muscles. This can cause decreased range of motion and flexibility. Muscle shortening and restriction from trigger points will interfere with your spinal and postural correction along your treatment plan. That is why correcting trigger points is an important part our rehab program.

Common trigger points are found in the neck, upper back, shoulders, and low back. These areas are targets of mechanical strain and trauma from distorted posture from sitting for long periods of time or lifting regularly. For example, a history of neck strain and injury and forward head posture from sitting at the computer can cause multiple trigger points, stiffness and pain.

Treatment for trigger points starts with maintaining your spinal alignment with adjustments and spinal rehab to insure your central nervous system irritation is removed. Then muscle spasms will relax. Manual therapy, or deep tissue massage, will help break-up the scar tissue of minor trigger points. Larger or more long standing trigger points may need special treatment. Sarapin Therapy is a natural way to get deep into the trigger point and put a natural plant based anti-inflammatory into the scar tissue of the trigger point. It not only reduces inflammation but helps break up the scar tissue and put flexibility, youthfulness and proper function back into the muscle. Sarapin Therapy removes or reduces trigger points that would not be not eliminated with only deep tissue massage.

Freeing-up trigger points not only relieves pain and improves muscle function, but when done at the same time as your physical therapy and chiropractic care, will allow for the fastest and most complete correction of spinal alignment and posture. Not only will this allow for the fastest results, but will provide better long term stability preventing your condition from returning. Ask us to evaluate what type of trigger point therapy would be best for your case, so we can get you on a fast track to your peak performance!

“…Less stiffness and pain. I am able to walk more without pain. I am also able to exercise more. My muscles feel better after the injections. The injections have been very helpful..”

– Bill

“I have had sciatica since after high school, at first I thought I was related to being overweight, however after losing weight it was still persistent. I had been to a chiropractor and got short term relief, but nothing helped until I came to Peak. With physical therapy and trigger point injections in my SI joint I started to feel a lot better. I could walk and exercise with little or no pain and sit for long periods of time. Without the treatments at Peak Performance I don’t know how I could have gone on with sciatica. Thank you to the staff at Peak for helping me realize my goal of living pain free.” – Ryan

“I have noticed I have more flexibility and range of motion in all of my workouts and recreational activities. I have less stiffness and soreness when awakening and after strenuous activities. I would definitely recommend trigger point therapy for anyone experiencing muscle stiffness and soreness.”

– Michael