Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment at PPHCCWake Up Your Hands – Chiropractic and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is caused by pressure on the median nerve, located just above the wrist. It is one of the most common occupational health problems, affecting millions of people every year, largely thanks to our ever-increasing use of computers. Anyone can develop CTS, however, even if they are computer-phobic, as it is essentially a repetitive stress injury. This means anyone involved in repeated actions for extended periods may suffer from it, or it may be brought on by a trauma to that area.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment at PPHCC

Common symptoms of CTS include wrist pain, weak grip, numbness, tingling, and burning. The pain may also cause problems sleeping. Treatments vary, and can include drugs and invasive surgery, but one that is both conservative and very effective is with our physical medicine model of physical medicine rehab, chiropractic and medical services.  Rehab and adjustments made to the affected area can help resolve the issue, as can work on certain areas of the back or neck, where the nerves are being impinged upon and referring pain to the wrist. Our care may also include nutrition to decrease swelling in the wrist, special conservative medical procedures and stretching and strengthening exercises. Many people with CTS have found that they experience great relief from their symptoms after experiencing our team approach with this comprehensive treatment model.



Success Stories:

DavidI came to Peak Performance suffering from soreness and weakness in both wrists.  I have  experienced this for a lot of years in a moderate to severe form.  It was slowly getting worse.

In the past I had Physical Therapy that did not correct the issue.  I also saw a physician that prescribed anti-inflammatory medication that did no good.  Several doctors tried unsuccessfully to improve the pain and weakness. No doctor performed the extensive testing like I received here at Peak Performance. Since starting care at Peak Performance there is improvement with less pain and better strength in my neck and wrists.  I have spent many hours in rehab and adjustments, all worth while.  I now know  how to monitor and control the pain with exercises.  The level of posture awareness is also a big help.

Participating in Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care at Peak Performance is well worth the time, effort and money.

– David

I have had back pain for about seven years, but the pain had grown worse due to sitting for long periods at work as a professional musician.  Also, my neck, arms, and hands felt stiff and painful due to continuous use while performing.

I have not been to any doctors for these conditions. However, I did see a medical doctor five years for my headaches. I was examined and the doctor told me my headaches  were caused by sinus congestion. He gave me a prescription for a decongestant. I took that decongestant as well as other pain killers like Advil and Motrin from the local drug store.

TerryMy headaches continued to get worse and more frequent and therefore I took the sinus medication more frequently — almost every day!  I assumed I would have sinus headaches for the rest of my life!

After my examination and x-rays at Peak Performance Health Care, the  doctors noticed postural imbalances and degeneration in my neck. After only six adjustments my sinus headaches stopped. The adjustments and stretching exercises have also greatly diminished the pain and stiffness in my back, neck, arms, and hands. It feels so great knowing I’m getting healthier!

I hoped that (it) would bring relief from back, neck, arm, and hand pain. And it has.  But to get relief from sinus headaches was more than I had expected!  I definitely feel my future. I, like many others, thought chiropractic care was for back pain only. The more I learn about it, the more I realize “optimal spine equals optimal health”. I recommend to anyone who suffers from an illness or pain.

I think the main advantage of Peak Performance Health Care Center is the precision. The ability to pinpoint painlessly adjust each vertebrae is remarkable. . This is not just painless, but it feels great after an adjustment!

– Terry H