Which Is Best For My Pain Relief? Heat or Ice?

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Ice or Heat?  When you suffer with an injury or are in need of pain relief this question arises quite frequently.  Most often we reach for the solution that our mothers gave us or what our best friend who also suffered with the same the injury or pain did.While some say ice is better for ...


Delete Neck Pain With This Health App

Neck Pain Old Town Chicago IL Pain Relief

Would it not be wonderful to delete our neck pain as easily as clicking on an app?Unfortunately are vision of a solution could be one of a combination of reasons we are suffering with our neck pain. Understanding the Mechanics If you think about the mechanics of your neck, you’ll realize it’s not surprising how easily it ...


Understanding Two Types of Knee Injuries

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Injuries are an athlete's worst nightmare.  In fact, nothing at the moment can be more upsetting than a knee injury to set you back.  These knee injuries are not just career threatening problems, but also could be affecting you in your present daily activities.Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or daily career veteran every step ...